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Abraham's Blessings 9/20/2016

Now, I examine the blessings and covenants between God and Abraham's descendants to find how the Genesis curses were removed. Jacob, after being renamed Israel, divided God's blessing on Abraham into multiple blessings for his twelve sons. Judah was given the Blessing of Kings dealing with the genetic line to Jesus. Joseph received the greater Birthright Blessing.

The destiny of those blessed seems to be determined by their heritage and genealogy, not by character, actions or even the order of their birth. While those persons blessed were not evil, they were not particularly good either. Judah, for example, sold his brother, Joseph, into slavery and had a roadside affair with Tamar. Subterfuge was permitted as long as the correct blessing was placed on the correct head. Consider how Jacob tricked Esau, Rebecca tricked the blind Issac, and how Joseph tried to switch the younger Ephraim and the firstborn Manasseh before the blind Israel.

If God is not arbitrary and capricious, we must assume that these blessed were chosen before they were born seemingly independent of their actions on earth –in other words, plans were made and duties assigned in a Preexistence. Thus, the Preexistence is a logical necessity for a religion based on Genesis.

Requirements for the two blessings are very different. The genetic line to Jesus from Abraham through David had to remain unblemished without a link to the curse on Adam and Eve or Cain, or any connection to Egypt. Jesus' matriarchal line is traceable back to Shem and Laban at least from Judah. In contrast, the line of Joseph allows the adoption of new members.

For example, both Judah and Joseph married forbidden Egyptian women but with very different results. Judah's sons, Er and Onan, by his Egyptian wife, Aliyath, died so that Judah's line continued through Tamar, granddaughter of Shem [Jasher 45:23], who produced twin sons, Zarah and Pharez. Joseph's Egyptian sons, Ephraim and Manasseh, were adopted by Israel symbolizing that everyone is included in the Salvation by adoption. These sons were even given the name Israel.

When you read biblical prophesies, if you do not remember that the Jews and Israel are a separate people with separate missions, you become hopelessly confused. Judah's descendents are of the southern tribes, Jews, well known, reviled and persecuted throughout history. These now form the State of Israel and remain almost universally despised. Joseph's descendents are of the northern kingdom. They are the lost tribes called Israel in the Bible and are unknown – even to themselves. They are running “under the RADAR”.

Israel's (Jacob's) blessings are also prophesies in which names indicate nations. Ephraim is England and Manasseh is America. While Judah has the blessing of Kings, Ephraim has the greater blessing of the Birthright. God said: [Jeremiah 31:9] “...I am a father to Israel, and Ephraim is my firstborn.”

Queen Elizabeth is descended from Judah and Israel fulfilling bible prophesy [2 Samuel 7:12-16]. [See also Judah's Sceptre and Joseph's Birthright by Allen and other related commentaries.] All Irish, Scottish and English kings were crowned on the Stone of Destiny – possibly Jacob's Pillow which came to England via Ireland and Scotland. Joseph Smith's DNA is Irish – possibly Irish royalty. Speculating, as a major prophet, his genealogy may be traceable to Abraham and Terah through both male and female lines of Judah and Joseph. Genealogy is important in the scriptures and in the lines of the Priesthood. Concern with the woman's line of ancestry may have to do with the genetics of mtDNA. Such properties may carry over into the resurrection.

Biblical prophecies come true. God said to Abraham in Gen 22:16-18, "By Myself I have sworn [another example of an irreversible oath], because you have done this thing and have not withheld your son, your only son [Abraham's first son was Ishmael who was born before His covenant with Abraham], ... “thy seed shall possess the gates of his enemies. And in thy seed all the nations of the earth shall be blessed; because thou hast obeyed my voice." The gates of the enemies we possess are our sea power. England and America rule the seas. Nearly alone, England and America defeated Hitler, Tojo, Stalin, and other atheist dictators. Thus, Abraham's blessings have already been given to all nations. Through England, (Ephraim), and Joseph Smith, the world's population will be baptized during the Millennium. None of this would have been possible without the assistance of America, (Manasseh), and establishment of the LDS Church in a then unexplored land.

What are Satan's plans? Satan is a spirit without a body. He desires to be worshiped, and his methods are deception and compulsion. We know he wishes to inflict pain and suffering on mankind and to influence their existence so as to make good choices difficult. Since Baptisms and other ordinances cannot be not performed in Heaven, they must be done by living LDS in Temples during the Millennium. (Why else is a Millennium necessary?) Even Jesus did not perform baptisms because He was not of this world [John 4:2]. Satan will try to prevent these ordinances.

Using descendants of Ishmael, who also of Abraham, he will start his own religion. The doctrine will appear to encourage peace but its deeper theology will contain an agenda of compulsion and murder. With this religious doctrine, his followers, will attempt to close and destroy LDS Temples to prevent the salvation of the Just, marriages, family sealing and other ordinances. Our nations, our faith, and the LDS temples are Satan's enemy. We should expect to be attacked. Even now, his religion calls Israel “The Little Satan” and America “The Great Satan” to inspire hatred of his followers against us. Because of major differences between LDS and other Christian theologies such as trinitarianism and that God is pure spirit, it is unlikely that our fellow Christians will support us. Currently, they will not accept our baptisms.


1) The Blessings of the Birthright have already been felt worldwide. But the greatest blessings will occur during the Millennium because of the ordinances that the children of Joseph through Ephraim and Manasseh will perform on every soul that has ever lived.

2) The Genealogy of Joseph Smith is traceable back to Ephraim via Ireland. His DNA may be traced to Irish royalty. The Stone of Destiny or Stone of Scone may be the Shepherd Stone or Jacob's Pillow.

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